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26 3 Kids Under 4, Was Told TT Was my Only Option - Fairmont, WV

I've been thin with a fast metabolism all my life, and after my first pregnancy was able to get back to pre baby size quickly, but after my second and third pregnancies which were very hard and very close together I gained a ton I did not lose. I was told a TT was my only option but did not want... READ MORE

27, 3 Kids, 40 Lbs Down - Miami, FL

So after much thought, I've decided to go ahead and do this! This site has been so vital to me in helping make the decision so I'm hoping someone will be able to get help from my review! I'm 27 years old, had 3 kids in 3 years, put on a ton of weight, and recently lost about 40lbs. This puts me... READ MORE

Questions from JDmakeover

‚Äč2 weeks post op of Tumescent Liposuction, my swelling fluctuates. How long will it take to see my final results? (photos)

I had tumescent lipo 2 weeks ago. My swelling had been fluctuating pretty severely, and I was very happy with the results I saw at 10 days, however now 14 days out, I look much... READ MORE

What is this lump by my hipbone after tumescent lipo? It started squishy and now it has hardened to feel like muscle. (photo)

It formed at 2 weeks out, and I am now 1 month post procedure. I asked my PS and he brushed me off and said it was normal. I don't feel it's normal. It stays swollen and the... READ MORE

Will Lumpiness after Lipo go away with workouts? (photos)

About a year ago I had some bad abdominal lipo. I have lots of lumps and unevenness. Currently I am weight training and am losing significant weight. If I continue to train... READ MORE

Liposuctioned areas holding fat during weight loss? (Photo)

A year ago, I had liposuction of my upper and lower abdomen and flanks. About 4 months ago I began vigorous exercise and weight lifting to shed the rest of my excess weight. I... READ MORE

Is a lift required? (photos)

I've always been big busted, gained weight, and then lost 25lbs. Now I'm down 3 cup sizes and left with very sad breasts :-( could I get away with just an augmentation, or... READ MORE

Advice on wound care? (photos)

11 days PO from breastlift+aug there was drainage from under my steri strips, removed them as per instruction of Dr and found this (photo) instructed to soak & clean with... READ MORE

I have an inverted T open after Breast lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

My incisions split 4 days ago, I'm now 15 days PO after a full anchor lift with sub-muscular silicone implants. The hole is getting bigger. There is no pain (just stinging when... READ MORE

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You look phenomenal! What kind of sports bras do you buy? I'm having trouble with a big enough cup size but small enough rib cage fit. READ COMMENT

Mine is just like that! I have one aereola that looks perfect, and the other looks like it was sewn back on twisted or something. I'm trying not to focus on it now because I've read the aereolas can change a lot while things settle, so... READ COMMENT

Thank you! I have good days and bad days, and in all reality it could be so much worse. I'm feeling much better about it now, even if it is kind of yucky looking still :-) and other than that minor setback I am so so happy with my results! READ COMMENT

Thank you! He's totally worth the trip, and I live in upstate NY! My surgery was on a Thursday, and I flew back home on Sunday morning. I was slightly uncomfortable, but honestly, I was ok. No major pain or anything like that! He gives... READ COMMENT

My left looks better than my right, and my right has no nipple sensation lol. Did you have a full anchor lift, or just lollipop? READ COMMENT