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Do you have any pics you could share....I am thinking of consulting Dr. Bray...a reference would be incredibly helpful. or even if you could share one privately, it would be amazingly helpful. Your story reminds me so much of mine :(..I... READ COMMENT

Thanx. Its all with its risks. I just think sometimes the risks might be worth it and othertimes not. Hoping mine is worth it. Will post pics when I go thru with it. READ COMMENT

Oops. Sorry. Lol. U weren't speaking to me. Got confused when the update came to my email. Still new on this site. READ COMMENT

Not from belgium. Sorry. In north america. Sure feel free to add me elsewhere. U can pass on an email READ COMMENT

Yes. Hope your goes well. I know very well how it is to not feel the shape of you face brings balance or beauty to the overall look. I'm looking into a chin I have the opposite problem. READ COMMENT