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Your results are amazing....you do look 23 again. Thanks for the photos. READ COMMENT

Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your story. I am a little unclear, though, as to whether Dr. yarmechuk was the doctor who put the implants in, or was he the doctor that removed them. Please advise, as I have been searching out facial... READ COMMENT

Your photos throughout this procedure are by far, the best I have seen on this site. You look FANTASTIC. I love how you took the time to keep posting new photos for all of us to see. Thank you for that. READ COMMENT

When you say "above the nose" are you referring to the nostrils, or the top of the nose? I am considering having radiesse injected into my cheeks, as they have begun to sag due to weight loss. Please advise. Thanks. READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing your story. It is heart-wrenching to read your story. I am so sorry that you had to pass through all of this. READ COMMENT