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LifeStyle Lift Nightmare! - Atlanta/Marietta, GA

BEWARE !  I was very disappointed in what was advertised versus what I wound up with. I wanted to freshen my eyes and they talked me into a mini-lift. (The consultant indicated that I could save this much $$$1200 if I signed today.) Both eyelids were cut differently, one was not... READ MORE

Facial Fix!!! - Duluth, GA

I went to Dr. Z after he was recommended to by 3 different women. I had a botched one hour lift by another company. Dr. Z did not do original surgery but he was honest and helpful in what to expect from the redo. I was delighted in the result. He was honest, helpful and very professional... READ MORE

Questions from Chrystal Eckes

Choosing Plastic Surgeons Based on Diplomas and Memberships?

When trying to choose a plastic surgeon, how does one tell the difference between all the different diplomas and "Member of" associations? READ MORE

Cost Comparison of Lifestyle Lift vs Private Practice

Can a ABCFPS compete with a Lifestyle Lift facility pricing using a local anesthetic to accomplish the same type of results and will the scars be in front of the ears? READ MORE

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Yea, they got me too. But don't give up. Don't be like me and shut-down. I lost it there for a while... I just couldn't function. But when I turned proactive and started seeking solutions for the problem, I started getting better. I... READ COMMENT

US, Oh my word... Amazing that you made it home. I just wish I could do my own version of a LSL commercial, feature my own before and afters. And I promise I would not even stretch the truth one little bit. It all comes down to money.... READ COMMENT

Detroit, I was talking about Martuska's comment about finding a lawyer that would take a class action lawsuit. It won't let me hit reply and then respond anymore... don't know why. READ COMMENT

Good Luck finding a lawyer that will bite into that one. Huge undertaking. I don't even know where or how they would start. Maybe some young, hungry thing will find a loophole that LSL hasn't already thought of. Never Know. C READ COMMENT

Keep us posted, My eyes were cut very differently and healed with a lot of scarring. I do hope that you get better results that I did. Best, C READ COMMENT