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44 Year Old Going for Invisalign for 12 Months..... United Kingdom, GB

I am starting the process tomorrow and having my first aligners fit. I do hope that I can share the journey positively and relatively pain free! I have a front crown (the one that is lower than the other) which has a post into my jaw due to an infection as a child. The plan is to pull my... READ MORE

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I am 5 days into using Invisalign, is this causing my head and ear pain/ache?

I am day 5 of tray one and all going ok but I have headache, and earache with slight ringing in ear.....coincidence or concern? I also have tenderness in teeth with slight ache... READ MORE

Mix up with tray 1 and 2.....I think! Could it be causing sore gums?

I was given trays 1 and 2 initially and I got out tray 2 out to compare shapes to see what was to come...but didn't realise that they were numbered and think I May have put... READ MORE

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front crown on tooth when using invisalign?

Hi all, I am only day 4 into tray 1 of 23!Does anyone out there have a crown on a front tooth that has had success with invisalign?  As you can see my one of my front... READ MORE

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I can see the difference in the trays! especially top left as you look at the picture. There will only be slight changes at this stage....but there is a difference without a doubt! I could not view clincheck on ipad but can on laptop... READ COMMENT

Just read your comments and can see you only have tray 6. As soon as you get 7 to 9 take a comparison pic of tray 1 and tray 9 :) READ COMMENT

Some days around 5-7 I thought my teeth looked worse as they made room etc...Two things keep me going and remain positive. 1) my clincheck photos and video of how things should progress. I would insist that they send a copy to you. I... READ COMMENT

Wow they look must be delighted, keep us posted until the end and let us know the type of retainer you get etc.... READ COMMENT

Hi...yes I grind my teeth in the night and the only reason I realised this was due to wearing invisalign...especially when I put in a new tray and teeth are tender, it wakes me due to the discomfort of grinding :-( I have noticed that... READ COMMENT