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PDL Treatment for "Diffuse Redness" - Europe

Hi. I've been suffering from a blush on my both cheeks for many years. I think it's called "diffuse redness" or erythema. The redness is due to vascular vessels - it disappears for a second when pressing the skin with a finger and comes back a second later after releasing the finger. I've been... READ MORE

PURPURA After V-BEAM - Europe

I want to share something with you and maybe trigger a discussion. I have blush on my cheeks that I have treated with a PDL laser a few times. There are some positive results but there are nothing special and surely below my expectations. Last time just after the treatment for the blush... READ MORE

Questions from 123adam

Is Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) efficace for blushing (red cheeks that are constantly red and become redder due to weather, emotions)?

Dear Doctors! I've been treated 4 times with PDL (all purpuric: last time 8.5J, 1.5ms, 7mm) for a blush (diffuse redness) that I constantly have on my cheeks. I was told 1-2... READ MORE

Is purpura after a pulsed dye laser a guaranteed indication of destroyed vessels?

Doctors! Is purpura after a PDL a guaranteed (clear!) indication that the vessels have been destroyed? And that there should be improvement in redness after purpura is gone? Or... READ MORE

Increased redness from Pulse Dye Laser after 3 weeks, How long do I have to wait for the final results?

Hi. I was treated with a PDL laser for diffuse redness at 595nm, 1.5ms, 7mm, 8.5J. After 3 weeks I don't see any circles from the laser, the purpura seems to be gone, but the... READ MORE