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It's a review site and I've seen other people post their doctors names in reviews so I'd assume so. READ COMMENT

Yeah that's exactly what happened to me. I went in there and was assured by the dermatologist and I don't mind name dropping (Dr. Anna Barr of OHSU Hospital in Portland, Oregon). She told me that she'd done hundreds of these and never... READ COMMENT

*Sigh* Just three brown spots and one thread vein... It's depressing to think about really. Rather then admit wrong doing the dermatologist ended up just giving me my money back. Not as if that did much good considering it's costing... READ COMMENT

Hey Grace, it could always be worse trust me. I'm single, 36 years old, no kids, no wife, no girlfriend, and I'm dealing with this. You have a husband that's committed to you and loves you for who you are and no doubt your daughter... READ COMMENT

I meant January 4th, 2014! So sorry about the type-o. READ COMMENT