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Hi Youmenow, could you tell me which generic version of Accutane did you use, what was the dose, and how long did you take it for? I'm trying to compare notes. Thanks so much for your help. READ COMMENT

Sorry, you said "asking" not taking.. Didn't get much sleep last night because of the heat. Must be effecting my vision. :) READ COMMENT

Hi Sats, were you taking Accutane for the laser damage? If so, for how long, which generic drug, and what was your dosage? I'm trying to compare with others who have taken it. READ COMMENT

Well if it helps dark spots that's news to me because I still have not only hyperpigmentation, but hypopigmentation as well as these weird bumps all over my skin and weird orange peel texture and lines... If you look up chrus on here... READ COMMENT

I've been taking Accutane which is Isotrentoin and is consumed orally for 2+ months now... I have not seen a change in my skin thus far. I will report back in another 4 months and if I still don't see a change by then I will be stopping. READ COMMENT