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I know of people who have done needling and have improved their texture greatly. There have been studies done on needling showing that it works and in addition many people in Europe use needling as part of their skin care regime. This... READ COMMENT

I just want to reiterate one final point. I have accepted my damage and my journey here is all about improvement not complete healing. This site has given everyone all the information they need in terms of what to try and everything... READ COMMENT

Sure I have but my next step is fat transfer and after that needling as it seems to have as much of an effect as a chemical peel does albeit slower. READ COMMENT

Im done with Accutane. I did it for 6 months before really bad side effects started to occur. I had some improvement but I still have fat loss, slight sagging, lines, micro holes, depressed scarring, weird pimpes that haven't gone... READ COMMENT

She didn't say she was completely healed she said it had gotten better. She still has sagging skin, odd pimples, etc... Her misfortune was due to chemical peels. I on the other hand had excellent results prior to IPL with chemical... READ COMMENT