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You look great. I too am experiencing the neck sag and jowls. I am researching doctors now. Thank you for posting pictures of the incision site. That is the most important part and it looks like you had a good surgeon. READ COMMENT

I am getting consults for my facelift. I need to lose 20 lbs first. Can I ask you if you will post another updated picture? Did they inject fillers and did they last? Did you stay in hospital? READ COMMENT

Was this an outpatient procedure or did you have to stay in the hospital? I wondered if he has a suite to do this. Also, can you post a new pic? I want to see how beautiful you look. READ COMMENT

You look awesome. I am scared my scar will be awful. Is your scar fading? How high did he have to make the incision? Can you take a pic? READ COMMENT

Hello, On the post you say it was 14,000 dollars. Does that include hospital and aneaseciologist? READ COMMENT