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I go for my consult on the 15th with a local doctor. I want to get a couple more consults too. I am thinking about doing this in March. READ COMMENT

Great results. I am scheduled for it in two weeks. I am a little scared, but your results look great. So, I will do it. READ COMMENT

Hi. I have the same problem at 50. I have started with my first consult this month. I am planning on a face and neck lift in 2015. It will be my birthday present. You are going to look fabulous. I will post my pics after my consult on... READ COMMENT

You look great. I too am experiencing the neck sag and jowls. I am researching doctors now. Thank you for posting pictures of the incision site. That is the most important part and it looks like you had a good surgeon. READ COMMENT

I am getting consults for my facelift. I need to lose 20 lbs first. Can I ask you if you will post another updated picture? Did they inject fillers and did they last? Did you stay in hospital? READ COMMENT