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Anatomical or Round implants for thin women, or those without much breast tissue?

I have slightly deflated b cup breasts due to weight gain/loss. I also have a "long chest". My surgeon said I couldn't consider getting round implants because they would look... READ MORE

Swelling 6-7 weeks post-BA normal?

BA swelling 6-7 wks post surgery: 5ft 6", 127lbs; allergan anatomicals FF 335 cc (r), FX 360 cc (l); submuscular, with areola BL.  Had a slightly deflated b cup. Told my... READ MORE

Which filler is best for lips- Restylane, Perlane or Juvederm?

Tried half a mil of restylane. The effect was gone by 2 and half months. I've been advised against perlane as it's rubbery, not soft- but know lots of ladies get it and are... READ MORE

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Did your boobs shrink a lot after 7 weeks?

Hi all, for 6 weeks I've kept telling myself they'll "get smaller", it's just residual swelling. I'm still too big & out of proportion. Did anyone experience significant... READ MORE

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If you're looking at cosmetic surgeons at TCI I can't help you. As a personal opinion, I loathe TCI- it's an el cheapo boobs factory. I paid good money for a highly skilled plastic surgeon. All the best. READ COMMENT

I recently got mine injected. Speaking with the injector, they said they've turned away women who'd wanted 2 mls. It might be your perception of 'not big enough' and hers differed. The one I saw made it clear they did not like big fake... READ COMMENT

I got mine injected yesterday and asked the injector a few qu's while I was there. For softness and a more natural feel- juvederm is the one to use. He actually said if he was going to put one in his lips it'd be juverderm because it... READ COMMENT

I should add though- lumps can be bruising or unevenly distributed product. If it is the latter, you should request a review at the clinic who did it. Don't massage yourself- your original injector should be the one to manage that. Best... READ COMMENT

This happened to a male patient of his as well. Wish there were more balanced reviews of this surgeon. He also completely botched a liposuction patient who is still trying to repair the damage he's caused. He takes no responsibility for... READ COMMENT