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Breast Reduction San Jose, Costa Rica

I have always been busty they run in my family. I was a 34C in high school at 5' 5" and 110 pounds. With each childbirth and nursing they got larger. I have spent years hiding them. I Always wear V-neck shirts. They limit me to clothing choices it seems that while most of the world wants to show... READ MORE

I Think It Works Well - Beachwood, OH

I do not use this every night. I just use it when I remember and at those times when my lashes seem to be shedding and they are shorter. I see immediate results. They just seem thicker and fuller. The story behind this is they used drops on elderly people and noticed they all had amazing lashes.... READ MORE

Had my Eyebrow Done 4 Times in 15 Years - Cleveland, Ohio

Mine always fade and turn grey I have used 4 different technicians. I have very little body hair in general which is great. Like my arms very blonde light and invisible. However it's a negative eye brow wise. So I use eye brow pencil. The last person I use was by far the best and shaped them the... READ MORE

Having Three Procedures Want to Have Photos for Each Group and Tell About Each One Individually - Costa Rica

I had two nine pound babies and reduced my weight each time back to normal... Since menopause I have struggled with my weight more than ever. Even though I was back in the 120's in my 20's and 30's after each pregnancy my body was not as tight even though I could wear a size six. I am 5' 5" tall... READ MORE

Arm Lift - Costa Rica

I am having three procedures I want to post in each category. This arm lift will be done with my tummy tuck. I will post photos closer to me surgery date. I am losing more weight and want the pictures to be current. I had listed all three together but I know that I read in each section Arm Lift,... READ MORE

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I will thank you ...Ironically I just found out my cousin is getting a breast reduction as well. They run in our family. READ COMMENT

I agree the lift is included in the reduction. None of the photos are showing that being done. You must be thrilled with you Congratulations READ COMMENT

That's what I was thinking I have a friend who added a breast reduction and she insists they look better if you add a small implant. Makes them more perky. I am in total agreement with you why ADD back weight? When I look at breast... READ COMMENT

QUESTION???? I am having a breast reduction in November. From a 36DDD to a 36D some say they want a small implant for a better lift. Others are saying they got that and had it removed. Would like your thoughts on this. Is it better or... READ COMMENT

My first one Kidney stone... and not 10 minutes ago it passed.... it has been a painful....vigilante ....3 weeks! I am Thrilled I will post a photo! READ COMMENT