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We all want the best for each other because it's not easy making a decision like this to go out of the country and have procedures done. I pray that we all cone back in good health and have the results we so desire! READ COMMENT

Welcome to the club and may GOD bless you throughout this journey. May you come out on this side even more beautiful than you probably already are! Here's to doing something for you...cheers!! READ COMMENT

This is what pissed me off is because no one is saying not to tell her story and give her advice. I think we all have empathy for her and her family but just like there are people that was injured or died there are people that had a... READ COMMENT

Hundreds of people have gotten procedures done out of the country and have survived...Kanye West mother was in the states and she died. I'm just saying that if it is your time to go you will...we are not on this site to be bashes or... READ COMMENT