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Cancelled, but saving up money to go to the surgeon this year (2015)

My story Ever since the age of 13 I started to notice some changes with my nose. From having a petite nose with a sharp tip my nose started to turn more bulbous. This lead to a lot of bullying in school and in 9th grade my former best friend decided to made snide remarks about my nose (making... READ MORE

Questions from Gogoanime

How much one could refine my nose tip if I get rhinoplasty? (photos)

I don´t like my nose, please see photos. Since I am aware I already look good I am feeling I am taking a big risk. The main issue with my nose is that it droops when I smile,... READ MORE

Do I need an alar reduction to get a more Western looking nose like Doutzen Kroes? (Photo)

Do I need an alar reduction? My goal of my future nosejob is to have a nose like Doutzen when smiling and not smiling, a nose with no hump and a nose tip that is more refined... READ MORE

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I wonder if you could perhaps post a picture from the side + from the front when smiling (I would like to see how your nosetip looks like from the side + from the front)? I have a problem that my nosetip tips down when I smile - did... READ COMMENT

I think you were already gorgeous to begin with even with your old nose, but your new nose suits your face better and really brings out the beauty of your whole face! READ COMMENT

You look amazing the new nose looks great, it seemed like he kept the length of the nose but really corrected the size and made your nosetip more pointy. Congrats it looks so amazing already! READ COMMENT

Your nose is really pretty already, but I think to become more symmetric he needs to shave down the bump and also you need to ask him to correct your nose so the nosetip doesn´t drop when you are smiling. Otherwise your nosetip is... READ COMMENT

Hope you ask him to decrease the size of the nose and rotate the nosetip up slightly. But be aware, you don´t want him to shorten your nose too much since your chin is strong from the side, so there´s a chance it can look weird if you... READ COMMENT