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Rhinoplasty to Help Breathing After Breaking Nose Many Years Ago - Dallas, TX

I was waking up almost every morning with a headache because I sleep on my side and my right nostril was blocked. My cardio instructor is always screaming "breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth". I could not do that. Dr. Meade referred me to Dr. Cochran because he is an ENT and... READ MORE

58 Years Old, 41 Years of Implants, Soon to Be Free - Dallas, TX

I had implants installed in me by my parents in 1973. I was 16. I was never asked. A Houston doctor, (Dr. Robert Wise) put them in me. I recall that he told me that I was deformed. I think my mom had him tell me that so that I would feel better about the surgery. They were silicone with... READ MORE

Questions from Juanacampana

Can my nipples/areolas be repaired after poor suturing after breast explant? (Photo)

My areolas are sunken and the sutures around them are not even, puckered, ropy and the distance from the nipple to the areola is varied around the entire nipple. The areolas... READ MORE

Can anything be done to improve the appearance of my breasts post explant? They are scarred, pitted and wrinkled (Photo)

I was assured I had dissolvable sutures at the time of surgery but after contacting other women who used the same surgeon, and contacted new surgeons afterward who told them... READ MORE

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I respect your commitment. You made a great decision and followed through. Kudos to you. Your blog is awesome. Anyone thinking of getting a tattoo who has any doubt should read your words. I have considered getting a tattoo over the... READ COMMENT

I haven't found anything but Yummy stretch bras that sort of fit. They are at Dillards and Nordstrom. I have not been able to find any real bras that work and I have tried everywhere. The shape after my explant isn't like a real breast... READ COMMENT

I was told that the explant using the Benelli lift was inappropriate for me. The last doctor I saw told me that the Benelli would have been fine for me if I had the anchor scar also. Apparently, I was not the correct candidate for a... READ COMMENT

I am sorry for your sister. Just so you know, one doctor thinks it would be better for me to have flap surgery (surgery normally done on mastectomy patients) to create new breasts for me. I have not posted photos in a long time so you... READ COMMENT

I followed his instructions. When I returned to see him in his office after the surgery, the heart shaped tape was peeling off way too soon. I did not remove the bandages ever! I never touched them. He literally ripped them off of me... READ COMMENT