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10.5 months over-a difficult journery- Rhinoplasty and chin implant

I was planning for my rhinoplasty for long as I always hated my short Nose. I planned the surgery here in Delhi(India) after consulting 4-5doctors in different cities. 11th was my Pre surgery consultation and the doctor convinced me for chin implant (using medpor without screw) also as I had a... READ MORE

Questions from Rockingritu

Is Laser Treatment for Dark Circles Risk-free?

I am a 22-year-old female and I have dark circles for last 3 years. I'm really fed up and want to get rid of them. Will laser treatment get rid of this, without... READ MORE

Is It a Binder's Syndrome? What to Choose, Implant or Rib Cartilage? (photo)

I want to get rhinoplasty done for my nose which has a flat tip and slumps you can see in my pics attached. I have consulted two doctors till now, first one said... READ MORE

Need Suggestion on Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am going to have my rhinoplasty soon, Dr will work on tip projection, since the left nostril is higher than the right one, so work to bring it down. and columella... READ MORE

Should I Chose This Doctor? (photo)

Attaching a before -after picture of a person who seems having similar case as mine, but even after the surgery the nose height does not look good, thou the shape has come out... READ MORE

Would Masseter Botox Would Help Me Much? (photo)

I consulted my doctor for rhinoplaty but after seeing me he is pushing me to go for Masseters Botox before rhinoplaty( he saw my face from far and didnt even touch it to... READ MORE

I Feel Sad Looking at my Pinched Lifted Nose and Uneven Chin Implant. Suggestions That Can Improve Both? (photo)

It was my first rhinoplasty and I got a chin implant also along with it. today at the 8th day the cast was removed and i feel devastated looking at my nose. Dr told to give,... READ MORE

MEDPOR Chin Implant Pulling my Lower Lips? (photo)

I got a medpor chin implant placed intraorally 10days back. My lower lip is being pulled down by the implant. lower lip and chin area is completely numb. when I try to join my... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - How to Achieve Tip Rotation and Projection? (photo)

I had chin implant and primary rhinoplasty (Dr used only septal cartilage) 2weeks back. you can see my before and after pics, my nose is too upturned and tip is blunt, I am not... READ MORE

Lower Lip Sensitivity and Numbness Weeks Post Chin Implant? (photo)

Hi, I had a chin Implant (Medpor put intra-orally) 3weeks back, since the surgery I have this numbness in my chin and lower lip. Right portion of lower lip is fine , middle in... READ MORE

Is my Chin Implant Riding High and Causing Gum Soreness? (photo)

I'm 7weeks post chin Implant (anatomic medpor,intra-orally)op. I feel the chin Implant is very high on the left side.I see pink line of blood on my gum from Canine to premolars... READ MORE

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Is it? then just check out the latest pics that I am posting. READ COMMENT

Hi mia, I am not depressed any more. it's just that I had lot of expectations and I took this big step without involving my family, and once my expectations were not met, I just could not cope up with it alone. I am doing much better... READ COMMENT

Hey, thanks dear :) . I am doing and feeling much better now. I know how people find joy in others pain. So I have kind of stopped thinking of what they say and feel to belittle me. I have my loving and supportive family, a nice career... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your comment. Eventually I have started feeling positive and good. hope I am able to retain this feeling for long. READ COMMENT

Hi anon, thanks for your comment, I have posted some recent pics and I too feel life is all about accepting oneself and living each and every moment at it's best. I think I'm writing this as I am feeling overly positive today, it keeps... READ COMMENT