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What a sensible woman you are and don't you look fabulous. I have read many a post on this site from women with barely a wrinkle obsessing about their looks, and funny even after the face lift they are still critical and find something... READ COMMENT

Hi, I have had a bi-lateral mastectomy with 2 reconstructions 10 years apart using silicone and both op's have been unsatisfactory and look nothing like real ones. This in turn has affected how I feel about myself as a woman. How... READ COMMENT

I don't mean to be horrible but you look perfectly fine, you are being way to hard on yourself . for someone who is naturally good looking why would you want to risk something going wrong. Haven't you read Snake eyes review? it sounds... READ COMMENT

Yes we do, but the complaint has to be lodged within 3 years that is because if legal action is the way you want to go there is a statute of limitations of 3 years for that also, unfortunately it's too late for this poor woman. READ COMMENT

I saw Mendelson in 88 and decided he wasn't for me, he must be in his 70's now, however when in the Mercy having another op the nurses were telling me about this amazing plastic surgeon and how meticulous he was. His name is Tony Holmes... READ COMMENT