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I think your desired looking nose looks more for a woman than a guy and your new nose doesn't look bad at all. If I saw a nose like your new one on a woman I would say it should probably be a little be more upturned but for a guy this... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks great I would not touch it if I had your nose. Really its beautiful as it is. No one's nose is perfect and your doctor did an excellent job. However it is 100% up to you. I would think if it will make you happier... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry about your troubles. I am sure the wideness comes from your surgeon putting thick spreader grafts. I don't think your nose is horrible now but I do agree your nose before looked really good. Why did he have to touch your... READ COMMENT

I do not recommend him at all to anyone sorry. Davis is not top notch. READ COMMENT