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I have a BCC on the neck- how can I have a cosmetically acceptable result? Previous surgery left me with scars

My Dr. has removed 2 other BCC [less than 2 cm.] from my legs and the results are dented and look like Halloween... long, wide scars with long cross marks from stitches. He is... READ MORE

How can I find a doc who can give a good cosmetic result for excising a 2mm basal cell cancer from the neck? (Photo)

I expect a scar. Neck doesn't qualify for MOHS. [doc is certified for MOHs.] I told Dr. I don't want a cosmetic result like my leg, [ dented with cross hatch marks] on my neck.... READ MORE

Did I get MOH's surgery?I think I got a standard, non tissue sparing excision.

2mm nodular BCC on neck. Appeared in Feb as an itching bug bite; by Mar. it looked like a classic BCC . Biopsy taken & cauterized to 5mm. Dr. said MOH's. I expected him to... READ MORE

I had a 1-2mm nodular BGG present for only 6 weeks on my neck with normal skin at the surface around it.

Age 71. Dr. belongs to the MOHs Society & is a Fellow. He scheduled MOH's surgery. I agreed and signed the consent. One deep, to the fascia, circular incision was made. It... READ MORE

Follow up to original question. MOH's procedure was not followed during my surgury. What should I do?

2mm Nodular BCC present 6 weeks After biopsy, defect 5mm across; Normal skin around. Signed for tissue sparing MOHs Dr. recommended.[ AUC8] One, WIDE excision 20mm across ;... READ MORE