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IPL: An Expensive Way to Age Your Face at Least 10 Years - New England

I have rosacea, acne and very oily skin, with some but not a lot of broken blood vessels, a fair amount of PIH, and several areas of hyperpigmentation that are light brown. I am late 40's but have few lines and have always been complemented on looking a good 10 or so years younger than I am. I... READ MORE

Dysport: Easy, Quick and Effective - N. Dartmouth, MA

I tried this at 48 yrs after having tried Botox once several years before with another doctor. The botox years ago had so unimpressed me that I didn't even consider a botulinum injection for my scowl for another good 6 years or so. That injection was quite painful and had me leaving the office... READ MORE

Questions from IPLissues

Any good doctors in New England treating IPL complications? I am worried about unexplained delayed pinpoint bleeding.

Had IPL abt. a month ago (2 passes, 1 for vascular 1 for pigment 515 and 560 filters I think). Got one big burst blood vessel (large dark red, mostly faded now) and bad rosacea... READ MORE

What should I do about bleeding a month after IPL? (photos)

32 Days after IPL superficial bleeds. IPL doc thinks it may be bleeding from blood vessels on surface 1 IPL tx (Sciton BBL, 2 passes, 515 and 560 filter), got red mark... READ MORE

Why does IPL sometimes result in more burst blood vessels?

My IPL (Fitz Type II almost III, Sciton Profile, 560 filter, 18j w/adapter, cool 25, no pw noted, and 515 filter for pigment, 14j, no adapter, Pw20, cool 20) resulted in a big... READ MORE

Does long-term topical tretinoin use thin the skin and make IPL more likely to result in complications?

I've used topical tretinoin for acne for bout 15 years (on and off) and have been told it may have thinned my skin thereby contributing to some IPL complications (broken blood... READ MORE

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I've been told my bad IPL result may've been from longterm Retin-A use. Anyone else use Retin-A at least 10 years?

I've used topical tretinoin for acne for bout 15 years (on and off) and have been told it may have thinned my skin thereby contributing to some IPL complications (broken blood... READ MORE

GRR two doctors erroneously told a patient w/ Q about darker blood vessels after IPL that IPL can't worsen vessels+

Of course it can!  1. Commonsense:  heat and trauma can cause broken blood vessels.  IPL can provide both.  Machine malfunction, wrong settings, etc. and... READ MORE

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Hi all, I haven't posted lately. Like KikiLisa, I had a Sciton BBL IPL. I just wanted people to know that the weird blood coming out of my pores that I got from IPL finally stopped about 5 mos after the IPL. While it was still... READ COMMENT

NO I haven't. I would say it probably takes a good 14-21 days to see for sure if the IPL gave you new broken caps (capillaries, telangectasia, broken blood vessels, etc.) or if what you are seeing is caps that were zapped and are... READ COMMENT

Good for you that you wrote a complaint to the MN AG's office! I'd call them to follow up - see if they're doing anything w/ it, see if they have any advice for you on next steps. I too had a bad result from IPL (see my review). I am... READ COMMENT

Same here but worse (see my review). Everyone who has noticed damage, PLEASE make an adverse event report to your government's oversight agency! The agencies do NOT read the internet! They don't even read medical journals to identify... READ COMMENT

It's criminal that providers are being allowed to advertise that IPL boosts cell production and rejuvenates. It DAMAGES, and the expectation is that then (a) the body will be able to repair the damage, and (b) the body will repair the... READ COMMENT