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32 Year Old Mother of 4. Severe Divarication of the Recti - London, GB

I have a wide divarication of the recti (hands width) loose skin and stretch marks. I am booking my procedure within a week with Mr SA Mashhadi. I have been longing for this for 5 years and get a bit emotional to think it's actually going to happen. I intend to have a tummy tuck with lipo in two... READ MORE

Questions from Amy_82

Can I receive a tummy tuck on NHS due to severe Divaraction of the Recti?

It's as wide as my hand and I am in discomfort 24/7. I am also a PCOS sufferer and suffer mild to moderate period like pains EVERY single day. The pain from PCOS, separated... READ MORE

Inverted T tummy tuck or standard full tummy tuck?? (photos)

I have seen a few PS and all 3 have given me slightly different feed back 1 standard TT,lypo & he can't fix belly button. 2 standard TT, lypo can try fix belly button and 3rd... READ MORE

Divarication of the recti repair always possible? I have seen 3 PS 2 have not been confident about outcome of repair. (Photo)

As muscles are badly damaged in their opinion. They said they could not gurantee the muscles will hold. 3rd PS Same opinion but suggested mesh. My question is simply this....... READ MORE

Odd belly button after tummy tuck, can it be improved? (photos)

I am 9 weeks post op from my tummy tuck and hernia repair ( hernia was right side of belly button) and recovery is going well. My only concern is my belly button. It has always... READ MORE

Do I need an uplift or can I get away with just implants? (Photo)

I want a Breast enlargement but having previously had a hernia repair combined with a tummy tuck I do not want anymore scars. The scar from an enlargement is fine but if I have... READ MORE

Ditch/indentation/caved in spot after FTT and MR 5 mths post op. Revision? (photos)

A Ditch has developed 3 months post op from FTT with MR I am now 5 months. I have also noticed I'm a bit more swollen than usual. I have not gained or lost any weight nor been... READ MORE