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50+ and Trying Invisalign to Improve my Smile - Starting April Fool's Day 2014 - Waterloo, ON

It's April Fool's day of all days. A perfect day to start wearing braces. I arrive at my dentist's and am taken into the treatment room. I am recovering from a bad cold but coughing is down to a minimum. The last time I was in to see the dentist he made molds from my teeth with goopy plastic... READ MORE

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Hey Witsman4 - Same thing happened to me. My dentist told me it wouldn't take very long. And once I had agreed I was told 32 trays and he placed 18 attachments on my teeth, (which perhaps look better hiding behind invisaligns than... READ COMMENT

Hi there - I have 32 trays, 18 attachments, and am on tray 10. I try to drink my coffee and wine at mealtimes but if I want to leisurely sip, I drink coffee with a straw and wine with a straw, too. I found the first couple of months... READ COMMENT

I've been wondering the same thing. It can be a tough journey when you start and all you feel is the pain and inconvenience. It's not till you actually see some improvement that you think- "Hey! I can do this! And I'm starting to... READ COMMENT

No wonder you could handle the invisaligners so well. A vegan nutritarian? You are used to restrictions and limitations. I also follow a very healthy diet, but mine is a bit more inclusive than yours. No olive oil? No garden vegies? No... READ COMMENT

I also see the difference? That's crazy. You are obviously on the right track!! I now bought a couple of little watertight containers to keep in my purse because, as you say, the 'retainer' case leaks and gets everything wet. Even if... READ COMMENT