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50+ and Trying Invisalign to Improve my Smile - Starting April Fool's Day 2014 - Waterloo, ON

It's April Fool's day of all days. A perfect day to start wearing braces. I arrive at my dentist's and am taken into the treatment room. I am recovering from a bad cold but coughing is down to a minimum. The last time I was in to see the dentist he made molds from my teeth with goopy plastic... READ MORE

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Ours is BUDAPEST TO PRAGUE. Exciting. We will fly to Amsterdam to stay for 3 days because we can't fly direct to Budapest. I'd love to heat what you think about Amsterdam. I thought I should lose some weight because everyone else seems... READ COMMENT

Yes, I was on a cruise. See my June 18th posting (I think) for a full update. The aligners on the plane were a nuisance. I did brush on the plane but it was awkward. I pretty much brushed with the toothpaste and rinsed with a bottle of... READ COMMENT

Thanks Zveda - The bread we use are actually wafers, so they pretty much dissolve on the roof of my mouth. Then, using tiny individual cups, I basically "shoot" the wine down. This way I don't have to remove the aligners. ;) READ COMMENT

Hi Chanba21- I 'd like to add my 2 cents worth to the discussion. I believe that if you read the reviews, like Twoplusone said, some people loved the aligners but the majority have issues with them. You cannot pop the aligners into... READ COMMENT

They do hurt! Do take some Advil or whatever works best for you. The pain does decrease in the days to come. I promise. But the desire to rip the aligners out of your mouth never quite goes away. At this point in time, try to stay... READ COMMENT