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Will a SMAS facelift address the mid face?

And is it ok to have surgery like this if you have Hashimoto's? READ MORE

I'm a 57 year old female with wrinkles and loose skin. Should I do a SMAS Facelift or fillers? (photos)

The first photo at 50. The second At 52 still looked good. The last one now. :/ Had endoscopic mid face and brow done at 46. Was very happy. Now things look different and I... READ MORE

SMAS facelift Additional question: is it possible to achieve any lifting of the temple area, with a SMAS facelift? (Photo)

I am planning this procedure for September 2014. I am wondering if it is possible to achieve any lifting of the temple area, with a SMAS facelift. Particularly just above the... READ MORE

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Please do not think clobetasol is going to help! That is very unlikely. People do not understand that this is a Nerve problem. It is not a dermotological problem. I had a brow lift 10 years ago also and my scalp itched so bad... READ COMMENT

Yes Ladies! This is a side effect of a brow lift. I had one ten years ago and my scalp still itches. Not as much as in the beginning but it still itches often. My scalp will tell me when it is going to rain. Any slight pressure... READ COMMENT

Hi Laa 007 I think you look beautiful! I want to do this! Can you share pics with me as well? And tell me more about the pain and healing time? Thanks, Linda READ COMMENT