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I'm unhappy with my Bleoplasty, what can I do to improve my appearance? (photos)

Had bleoplasty 8 weeks ago. Inside incision and laser. When I'm serious the bags are almost gone, but I have a flat and strange look. When I'm smiling the bags are, I would say... READ MORE

Botox after blepharoplasty? (Photo)

Had treanconjunctival blepharoplasty (and laser) 3 months ago. Much better, but when smiling I still have several bags/lines under my eyes. My doctor do not recommend a... READ MORE

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Correct, before and after photos is often a very onesided story... In the right angle, flattering light, well then my upper and lower bleo look okey. The asymmetri, dry eyes, hollowness, tight upper eyelids that hurt when my face is... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing, T, you look great! A before photo would be interesting to see to campare before/after:) READ COMMENT

Had the same experience. Aggressive fat removal left me with hollow look, still bags and scleral show. Need to fix this but I'm terrified to let a doctor near my eyes again... READ COMMENT

Had the same experience… bags not gone, just smaller and I'm left with scleral show, round eyes and corners. Tearproduction at half, so 7 times a day I have to use drops/cream in my eyes. My doctor won't talk to me, says it's my... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing. I had lower eyelid surgery to reduce bags 7 weeks ago. Better, but still excess skin that creates folds and bags under my eyes. So, I now consider to have a pinch to remove excess skin next year. My recovery after... READ COMMENT