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50+ Gal~ WAS to GO > Under go, a total head to toe Transformation~ Now need revision surgeries with new MD Roseville, CA

Took my lab work in for my surgery date coming up... The excitement is building... just want to start my review, on my work yet to come.... IF anything like last time, I will be looking 10 to 15 years younger in no time at all..... The staff was pleasant & prompt.... in 2 weeks I will go in for... READ MORE

Facelift 47 Yr Old Woman - Sacramento, CA

Had a Face lift from DR. Clark 9 years ago, The procedure, was easy, I was back in the swing of things with in a week. The Doctor did a Fantastic job, and the staff, was Awesome... I was happy & satisfied 100%.... so happy I am having him do work again for me. I am having a Lower face lift.... READ MORE

Breast Lift & arm lift .... - Roseville Ca

June 4,th I go in for my breast/arm lift..... arms are free.... after 4 children and 61lbs lost, it's taken a toll..... Pre-op done, had with MY FL, Pre-op.... count down is on... I have enough Volume, that I don't need implants, and would rather not have anyway... Looking forward to be "Perky'... READ MORE

Thigh Lift 4 SURGERIES To Complete, Head to Toe, Transformation* Thigh-Butt-Knee-*

After, much studying on RS, I am going to plan a Thigh/Butt lift for the late fall.... having multiple surgeries done , and a thigh butt will complete my transformation.... I lost 61, lbs on NutriSystem, and won their contest.... Now to smooth out the skin and look like I feel.... will up date... READ MORE

Back lift,* eye lids* face laser* * Final surgeries* SO I THOUGHT, Need revision surgery*

This will, be My last surgery for now, to complete, my total Body make over...I am having, My hips, sucked, My entire back, lifted, & transformed, as well, as upper eye lids... all, extra, tucks, will be preformed, on this surgery By Dr.Richard Clark. Dr Clark has, totally transformed this mid... READ MORE

Questions from A new K.K.A.D.

I am 56 and getting a Facelift. What else can I do to turn back the clock?

I am getting a face lift, had 1 , 10years ago, but the years have taken a toll, what along with a facelift can I do to get The best results to turn back the clock??? READ MORE

I am going to have a Facelift, and I am wondering what else I could benefit from (photo)

 Planning on a face lift 5/28, would like expert advice, on suggestions, what else along with a face lift, will give me optimal results, in turning back the hands of time.... READ MORE

Would a Rhinoplasty be worth while? (Photo)

After having a face lift, eyes, cheeks, lips and forehead done, would I benefit and complete my package getting my nose done???? Opinions please READ MORE

Do my upper eyes need to be done? (photos)

Had complete FL, 5/28, But not upper eyes, Had 3 consults 2 of which said do upper eyes, Md I went with MD who didnt say too.., LOVE My results but upper eyes annoying esp. My... READ MORE

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I did, at FIRST- things have changed dramatically, and my last surgeries were a Complete NIGHTMARE READ COMMENT

Oh I am SOOOO very sorry this has happened to you!!!!! Can you tell us more about your experience as I also had some horrific stories on my end, and am Not happy at all..... Thank You! READ COMMENT

Nope Nothing Bar- his secretary, is supposed to get back to my sweetie after she talks to him ( MD) I have talked to 3 other ladies who have had the same experience, & may want to take action against him.... I am just floored, after all... READ COMMENT