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Sorry, only just seen this question. Most orthodontists and dentists now insist on 'retention for life' be that fixed or removable. We recommend a minimum of 3 months daily wear of removable following active aligners. Afterwards each... READ COMMENT

It's not a major problem, in fact it could be that at this stage we want those teeth to come down into the space. If the space gets worse then I'd call the dentist. The movement is one of the trickiest to achieve and we may need to make... READ COMMENT

There is a dentist giving a lecture next Friday to new Smilelign dentists. He saw your case online and asked if he could use your case as a great example of Smilelign treatment. We asked your dentist to see how you felt about that. I... READ COMMENT

Really great to hear your feedback. It really helps us get an idea on why things may need some further intervention. It's very common even with traditional braces for adjustments to be made mid treatment. So Smilelign or any clear brace... READ COMMENT

Hi BelW I'd love to see your progress. Thank you for such amazing feedback. It's really great to hear how everyone is doing with their own treatment. Smilelign is only just over 3 years old, our aim was to bring affordable treatment to... READ COMMENT