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36 Year Old Mom in Need of New Knockers!

I've been wanting a some new "betties" for 12 years now. I never thought I would actually get them though!!! So excited and nervous! Mom of 4 kids (his, mine, ours). BF 2. I've had my (one and only) consultation as well as my preop appt and am scheduled for surgery on April 28th. ... READ MORE

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Can I get away without having a lift? Or is my ptosis too severe? (photos)

PS suggested a lift but, I'm worried about scarring. He said I'm 50/50 as to being able to get away with having one or not. Which I very much appreciated him not pushing it on... READ MORE

Why are there different recovery methods after breast augmentation?

I'm 18 days away from my breast augmentation and lift. So overloaded with info! Why do some plastic surgeons recommend rest, no shower, heat, ice, etc and others recommend kind... READ MORE

Is it possible that I may have Capsular Contracture??!!

I have silicone unders and am 3 months post op. My right breast has always been tighter....I'm guessing because I'm right handed and that side was smaller to begin with. But... READ MORE

I am 4.5 months post op. One implant has definitely dropped. Is this Capsular Contracture? (photos)

I am 4.5 months post op. One implant has definitely dropped. The other has not. Implants are 421cc silicone, under the muscle. Does it look like I could have CC? READ MORE

What do you recommend for pain management for CC and bottoming out? (photos)

I had a full lift & silicone implants unders (421cc) last spring. I developed CC @ 4mo & bottoming out or too large a pocket on the other side. Financially I won't be able to... READ MORE

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Has anyone experienced physical or other changes before Breast Augmentation?

I'm 15 days till my surgery and i'm going stir crazy!  Rearranging my house, cleaning, organizing, dieting!  I have long hair right now and am dying to chop it off... READ MORE

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I'm in the process of doing consults with the 3 mentioned above surgeons. :) It's been one emotional roller coaster that's for sure and devistating! Looking back I wish my PS would've tried some non surgical ways to try and fix the... READ COMMENT

Who is doing your revision? I'm researching doctors for mine. I've decided if my PS can't even tell or admit that I have bottoming out then I don't want him to do my revision not to mention I've done lots more research the past few... READ COMMENT

Hi Rodeo :) And yes CC is the reason why I need a new implant. But, they both hurt. ....the other from bottoming out. I'm thinking it might be worth it to have them fixed by another PS out of state. Wouldn't be anymore expensive... READ COMMENT

Thank you girl! I appreciate the support. I'll let you know if anything changes with the fees part. Good luck with your consultations. :) ♡ Dr.Salemy is very nice, I do like him. But, not comping any of his personal fees for... READ COMMENT

I hear yah girl! Nipple issues haha. That's tough that you have to fly every time you need to see your ps. Glad the move went good though! I really need to get my but in gear and make an appointment to see what's up with my boob. The... READ COMMENT