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Hope all is well...praying for your speedy recovery!! READ COMMENT

My main concern with the sleeve is I don't want to ever be smaller than 150-160, so no more than 45-50 pounds lost but with the sleeve I won't really be able to control how much weight I lose. Is it possible to ask the doctor not to... READ COMMENT

A little about me...I'm 34 5'4" current weight is 205-207 I fluctuate daily due to stupid water weight. I started changing my eating habits about 6 months ago and lost 37 pounds(weighed198), I gained 7 back tho ughhh lol...the day I got... READ COMMENT

I would love to be your workout buddy and help motivate each other. I want to do the sleeve but honestly I'm just not up for the stress and ups/downs of the recovery from another surgery. I have spent 10s of thousands on cosmetic... READ COMMENT

Wow praying for you hunty!! Keep us posted READ COMMENT