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28yr Old Hopes for Better Facial Profile with Sono Bello Smartlipo - Woburn, MA

Hi guys and ladies, I am writing this review because I felt like I could not find all the information I wanted before committing to the procedure I will go through today at Sono Bello. I have thought about doing this for nearly a year, and have flaked on consultations a handful of times.... READ MORE

I Want Yily's BBL but Not TT ~ 28y.o., Never Had Kids, Want That Bangin' Yilydoll Body!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

{first 4 pics of me now (pre-op) & the rest are wish pics and things I lifted from the site for what to buy prior, etc} I have researched this site for a year and have decided that I like Yily's work the very best. I got a quote recently for $3500 but then they just made a totally inclusive... READ MORE

Dr. Yarmechuk Vs. Dr. Gallico for BA Revision & Rhinoplasty Revision

Gallico is a fine artist, uses Photoshop to envision his changes, and created the whole plastic surgery department at Mass General. My mother says many people in the hospital go to him and love his work. However, upon my 2nd consultation a year out from the first time we spoke of a revision, I... READ MORE

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This is good because Yily now needs hemo to be 12.9 from what I recently read of another user READ COMMENT

Thanks so much! I also saw Dr. Darrow in the same building who has a ton of great reviews and a comprehensive website, and I personally liked him the best. I am going to check out Dr. Steven Pearlman too, thanks so much! READ COMMENT

Hi! I am 5'4'', 150lbs and 37-31-38 and also want a BBL but from Yily. READ COMMENT

Wow u look great! I must know-- how has your tummy tightened up since the lipo & without a TT? Is there loose skin? I really want to do the same because I havent had kids and dont want the scar. I appreciate you letting me know thank... READ COMMENT

You need a gentle massager for the face--- see the post below READ COMMENT