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Radiese filler that ruined my life .

I was encouraged by a doctor to do fillers for my laugh lines and to use radiesse as the only side effect will be (I can feel some lump) after he injected I had severe pain half my face is red he told me some radiesse went to the blood vessel and that I will be ok :( lost 10 pounds Iam scared I... READ MORE

Questions from Carenot

I had radiesse filler in my nasolabial fold and smile lines. Will the redness and heat in my face get better?

Will the rednnes ever go away and white dots that I see on both side of the face where I was injected .plss Iam really scared and worried haven't been able to sleep for three... READ MORE

Can radiesse cause rosacea?

After a month of radiesse I still have heat in my face and redness and some white spots wich I was told some product came to the surface . READ MORE

Can radiese injected superficially in both side of the face go away? How can I remove it?

I have in both cheeks radiesse injected superficially and I was wondering will it ever go away as I can see the white spots and is red and burning heat ? Plss help READ MORE

Almost two months after radiesse and still painful. What to do? (photos)

I had radiesse two months ago and I still have pain and I get heat and swelling around my eye ? I had it injected around my cheeks? Only the right one hurts badly and almost... READ MORE

4 months and I still have constant pain from Radiesse filler. Is this normal?

It has been long painful 4 months . To my suffering for 4 months from radiese filler I have sinus eye pain pressure and constant facial pain with heat and burning redness... READ MORE

Radiesse post op, I have been on antibiotics 5 times within 4 months and nothing is helping. What would you recommend?

Been on antibiotics 5 times within 4 months . I have taken gabapentin and still taking lyrica and lorezapam . At this point nothing is helping. I would like to thank all the... READ MORE

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I have deviated septum as well and was told half the population in canada have it so regardless that I have trouble breathing was told I don't need to fix it . U so lucky he cared to fix it for you READ COMMENT

Sona as I told u I have been going through for 6 almost 7 months and givien just Meds that didn't help at all . Please make sure u demand an answer now don't wait as I was believing each and every day that will go away and still this... READ COMMENT

If u haven't done it yet please from my heart I beg you not to do it . Not only damaged me physically but mentally as well . I'm struggling and suffering for 6 months so feel free to contact me will send u pic and videos what happens to... READ COMMENT

Hi there . How are you feeling now . Please check your messages . I would like to speak to you . READ COMMENT

Please don't do it read more . Please is really bad product . Do some research please I have been suffering for over 6 months with this product . Please don't do it . READ COMMENT