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Hi, I was reading your stories and wondering how your breast are laying and how are you feeling? Im thinking of getting a breast aug. with Dr. Jeffrey Weinzweig... Let me know how those gummy bears implants are working for you!? Thanks! READ COMMENT

Hi, Im reading your story, did you ever went on with the procedure? Im thinking of going with Jeffrey Weinzweig for a breast aug! Let me know your experience!! Thanks! READ COMMENT

Hi, Im getting a breast augmentation very soon!! And i been seeing that alot of ladies like the implants you have and by saying that, that includes me too.. I showed my doc this pics hopefully i get them somewhat similar to yours!! Can... READ COMMENT

Good... Im happy that your pleased with your implants! Im scared because i dont know if 465cc are going too big?! But i guess ill have to trust my doc right?!?! Thanks keeping us posted.. And if you plz can.. Can u plz post some pics... READ COMMENT

Hi!! I was wondering how are you doing!! Im getting breast implants.. And im doing the same size and sientra too!! I was just wondering if you like them!! Im concern about the size bc i dont want to look big chested!! I saw you got your... READ COMMENT