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I have shoulder blade pain and with electric pain and I can't take a deep breathe, I feel there might be nerve and muscle damage. I am so scared for my life. I am getting a nerve test to see if I have a pinched nerve somewhere. This... READ COMMENT

Hi aquerio, Did u take urs out. I am still having shoulder blade breathing issues. I am so scared I will live with this my whole life. Let me know how u go.. READ COMMENT

Hi aquareo, Since I took mine out April 2014, I still have shoulder blade issues and I can't take a deep breathe, I am so scared as I am only 37 and I have not breathed properly for the last two years. I am doing swimming and stretch... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much list for your email, I have saved it.. I am still feeling the same with my back which plays with my breathing, I am going to get an mri scan.. I am drinking the wheatgrass powder, twice a day.. I live in melbourne... READ COMMENT

My doctor did not tell me anything.. Do u do stretches everyday? I am hoping this is all I need to do to fix my problem, I feel something happen to my nerves, it's a scary feeling. READ COMMENT