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Botox: LOVE Love Love It!

Botox gives an immediate result and is not permanent. The skill and artistry of the person administering botox makes a huge difference, though.  I've had injected by three different doctors (including one who specialized in Botox and another who was a local pioneer of the product.)  I... READ MORE

Restylane: Sitcom-worthy DISASTER!

Ok, I didn't understand what I was getting into.  I had one TINY lip line that I hoped could be plumped it.  Instead, I got chimp lips. The restylane was injected into my upper lip from the INSIDE of my lip (big ouch!)  Massive bruising (maybe a reaction too, who knows?) ... READ MORE

Thermage: A Significant Improvement - Seattle, WA

I have had Thermage treatments three times over the past year and a half.  I expect to have about one every year or two going forward, because it really works. I saw the doctor for a consultation, and asked what she would recommend if price were not an issue, something that would have... READ MORE

Sculptra: Good Stuff - Seattle

I've had sculptra injected on three occasions.  I had spots on my chin under the corners of my mouth that had caved in.  My doctor not only injected (a full vial) into lines around my nose and mouth, but also above my cheekbones.  Someone later told me that I had... READ MORE

Had Franctional Laser Two Days Ago - Seattle, WA

I had the more intensive version of this treatment, to both face and neck/chest areas. The treatment coordinator told me that it was essentially no big deal to do this with some numbing cream and oral meds. THEN I asked the doctor her opinion... The doctor, who I have seen over the past six... READ MORE

Questions from Seattleself

Low Human Growth Hormone Levels

I've had bloodwork done and among other things, low HGH levels are indicated. My regular doctor suggests intensity training to boost HGH, and my other doctor (Board... READ MORE

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HGH Supplementation

After spending over three years taking various supplements and prescription medications for aging issues typical for women in their 50's, I came to the conclusion... READ MORE

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6 months later, I continue to see improvements. My joints feel better, my injury has healed, my stomach is flatter, my skin is plumper. My hair is growing again. No adverse effects. READ COMMENT

Dr. Barbara Schell - Ageless Seattle READ COMMENT

Yup. That is why this site is helpful. Gives us an opportunity to learn about the potential complications. This high profile doctor came highly recommended. She is now retired. READ COMMENT

Dr. Barbara Schell, Ageless READ COMMENT

Dr. Barbara Schell - 7 years later and I am still happy with her approach. READ COMMENT