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45 This Summer. Getting a Neck, Face and Temple Lift with Fat Transfer!! - San Francisco, CA

Very excited and nervous to be getting my face done this summer. I hate my neck, which has aged a lot in the last couple years and how the corners of my mouth are going down, early jowling blech! One side of my face looks older than the other side, too. No review yet, as I'm going in at the... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm Injected in my Lips and Nasal Folds - Palo Alto, CA

So my lips are pretty thin. I thought it would be fun to have some fuller lips for when I got to meet my favorite singer. I got Juvederm injected in them and also some to the folds under my nose. The first day after I liked it, but I was swollen. By the point this picture was taken, it was... READ MORE

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Hello! No trouble at all! I did not get either an upper or lower blepharoplasty. Not necessary yet :) and you're very welcome! READ COMMENT

She had me do a very light pressure at the base of my neck where my collar bone is at first. like a slight pumping inward motion with the tips of all my fingers at the top of the bone. This was around the two week mark for me. ... READ COMMENT

Wow, congrats on making through your first week post-surgery! (that really did seem to go by fast!) Very glad to hear you are doing so well, and will still keep you in my thoughts and prayers! (little things come up here and there, but... READ COMMENT

Aww.. you make me blush, murphus! best of luck with the labiaplasty too, may as well get it all done at once!! Just remember after only a week, you will be feeling much better! then it's getting through all that swelling and stuff,... READ COMMENT

Thanks murphus, I'm so happy my review has been helpful for you! I know what you mean about the pictures, it's like - wait, is that really me?! ;) I'm sure you are lovely, but we ourselves see all these things! Absolute best wishes... READ COMMENT