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Oh wow Pollo....glad you all (almost) walked away. Your surgeon sounds like he's on the case....hope you feel better soon. X READ COMMENT

I have a little poochy belly at the end of every day, and I feel huge,even though Hubs says I look good. I also had a big muscle repair that still very much making it's presence noticeable! I have 'zingyness' on my hip/flank scar....and... READ COMMENT

Anneall49....I thought it was just me! I'm 19 weeks post op and most evenings I could be in bed by 8pm! I've been swimming laps since around week 12, but my first time back at the bike & treadmill was last week. Holy-moly....this... READ COMMENT

Me too NCLL74....cost a fortune too. But worth every penny!! READ COMMENT

Hey ttmom.....I'm a March TT'er too. Flat in the morning....not so much as the day goes on! And upping my activity level....haha...I look like a stuffed sausage! As you's all much better than the sad-sack belly, but I'll be... READ COMMENT