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You look absolutely fantastic Yummy! I have the same problems with jeans too...wearing a belt does not come naturally. Next week will be my TT year anniversary but I'm scheduled for a little tweak in April to deal with an... READ COMMENT

Just a minor thing really but it's annoying me now & my surgeon has spotted it too. As the skin has stretched, my mons has dropped & with no flap to hide it, my 'cameltoe' is a little too visible. I'm a ballsy woman.....I just dont need... READ COMMENT

You look amazing Yummy! I'm just shy of 7mths PO, but looks like I may need a slight revision. All depends on the coffers.... READ COMMENT sorry you feel so down & off everything. As everyone has already's quite normal. I know that doesnt help much right now but it will get better. I'm 6 months out now, still kicks my arse to sneeze but I love... READ COMMENT

Sounds pretty Angie....I first thought daisy-chain but then decided I'm more of your thorny-rose kinda READ COMMENT