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Fat Transfer to Top and Bottom of Feet - New York, NY

I received fat transfer to my feet not for cosmetic purposes but because I had destroyed the fat in my feet with multiple steroid injections I received for Morton's Neuroma. MN is an inflammation of the nerve between the toes which often occurs to women over 40 who run or wear high heels.... READ MORE

After Two Weeks, Noticeable Difference - Dubai, AE

I was extremely skeptical about Thermage CPT, assumed I would not get any visible result and was going to settle for a result of buying myself another year of not aging as much. In part, I believed this would be the outcome because I was doing it in Dubai where the doctor was not going to use... READ MORE

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How could a doctor make my face more proportional and, if possible, attractive? (photos)

I have already seen multiple top revision rhinoplasty surgeons who said that my dream of having a nose that was not so short and over-rotated is not possible. So any thoughts... READ MORE

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I would be curious to see if there is nostril pull down over time. Would you mind posting again about this in the future? Also, is there a reason you decided not to do the corner lip lift as well? Some doctors do that to prevent too... READ COMMENT

Dr Saboiera's technique is such that she doesn't need to overfill. That is the difference between her and Dr Coleman's work and other surgeons who do fat transfer. She puts in what needs to be there or she may err at times on the side... READ COMMENT

The top of my feet is great. I posted photos today, December 15th. I still wear MBT shoes. I had tremendous fat atrophy from the steroid injections and it felt like I was walking on bones. I'd say the fat transfer to the bottom of my... READ COMMENT

I have posted a photo that I took as soon as I got your question. All of the fat that was placed on top on part of my upper foot is still there and looks natural. I only wish I had thought to get the doctor to put fat on my entire upper... READ COMMENT

It depends on which technique is used. If the doctor uses a technique called, "Lipostructure" where s/he gently harvests and then adds tiny droplets to the new site, the fat is basically permanent and they don't overfill. (I had this... READ COMMENT