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Fat Transfer to Top and Bottom of Feet - New York, NY

I received fat transfer to my feet not for cosmetic purposes but because I had destroyed the fat in my feet with multiple steroid injections I received for Morton's Neuroma. MN is an inflammation of the nerve between the toes which often occurs to women over 40 who run or wear high heels.... READ MORE

After Two Weeks, Noticeable Difference - Dubai, AE

I was extremely skeptical about Thermage CPT, assumed I would not get any visible result and was going to settle for a result of buying myself another year of not aging as much. In part, I believed this would be the outcome because I was doing it in Dubai where the doctor was not going to use... READ MORE

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How could a doctor make my face more proportional and, if possible, attractive? (photos)

I have already seen multiple top revision rhinoplasty surgeons who said that my dream of having a nose that was not so short and over-rotated is not possible. So any thoughts... READ MORE

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It depends on which technique is used. If the doctor uses a technique called, "Lipostructure" where s/he gently harvests and then adds tiny droplets to the new site, the fat is basically permanent and they don't overfill. (I had this... READ COMMENT

Thanks. You can just shoot a video of just your mouth, not your face, if you become comfortable with the idea of doing a video. I am still really torn about which technique to get -- skin only or muscle hemming. My issue is that I have... READ COMMENT

Would you be willing to upload a video of yourself talking or moving your lips/mouth? (We don't have to hear the sound if you want to remain anonymous.) One of the concerns people have about muscle hemming lip lifts is the possibility... READ COMMENT

I have agonized about going through that surgery. The success rate and the potential for stump neuroma deterred me. I have been trying all other options before I take that step. (Including gait analysis, 4 different fittings for... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for your thoughtful, detailed reply. I am looking into this procedure because I have a very long upper lip compounded by a too short nose. I fantasize about changing this feature because it would make a dramatic... READ COMMENT