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Questions from Sand428

Considering revision of breast reduction and am weighing up the risks vs desired results. How common is nipple loss?

I had a breast reduction a few months ago and still feel too large. I was a small DD and am now a D. I have no idea what technique was used but I have a lollipop scar. My PS... READ MORE

How is scar revision done around the areola?

How is scar revision done around the areola? I had breast reduction and had wound openings around one nipple so I have thicker scars around it and it sticks out further than... READ MORE

Would a free nipple graft ensure a safer 2nd breast reduction?

The consensus here seems to be that a patient seeking a revision to a recent breast reduction to go smaller is higher risk for nipple loss. My PS is very adamant about this... READ MORE

Overcorrected after LASIK enhancement. Initial LASIK performed 17 years ago. When can I have the overcorrection revised?

I was way over corrected with an enhancement performed in Jan 2014. I am 50 so now can't see anything close up. Very frustrating. Then in June 2014 had to have epithileal... READ MORE

Will insurance pay for a revision?

I had a breast reduction earlier this year and paid for it myself. One of my breasts is now larger and is painful due to scar tissue.. I'm not sure I want to go back to the... READ MORE

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I may go and get my upper lids done. READ COMMENT

Did you lose weight or did Dr Hedden make your waist that small? I may have to get him to do mine once the breast issue is worked out. ! READ COMMENT

I've got to go back to Dr Hedden for a revision of breast reduction surgery he performed on me last year. I am so nervous about going back. I am the type person who has a very hard time expressing dissatisfaction. Ugh. But one... READ COMMENT

I'm glad you are doing well. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am thinking about consulting Dr. Oliver as well. . I sent him an email and for some reason I feel more comforted by his response than I did of other doctors that have... READ COMMENT

Mandolynn I hope you end up the size you want. You look nice and even. We had our surgery around the same time last year and I also did not see much of a change. And one of mine is bigger. I am thinking of asking for a full revision... READ COMMENT