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Can I still get a dental implant if I have a chin implant?

I had a tooth extracted 11 months ago. I would like to get a dental implant this year. The thing is that I recently underwent a chin implant procedure, and I was wondering if... READ MORE

What kind of complications should I expect from having my chin implant removed?

The implant is a large silicon with wings. I've had it in for 5 days. It seems to have healed quickly so far, but I hate the way it looks. Plus, I have a missing tooth that has... READ MORE

Is this sensation normal after Chin Implant?

Had chin implant surgery 9 days ago. I still feel some tightness (at times it's more acute), numbness, an itching sensation, and a warm sensation (but not to the touch).... READ MORE

3 days ago I noticed redness in the area right about where my implant sits. Could this be an infection? (Photo)

3 days ago I noticed redness in the area right about where my implant sits. It was itchy, felt tight and had a bit of a burning sensation. The next morning, I went to my... READ MORE

Is a canker sore something to worry about?

I had chin implant surgery three weeks ago, and everything has been going well. I've been healing pretty quickly, even though I still have to wait a few more weeks for final... READ MORE

Can nicking my chin while shaving lead to an infection if I have a chin implant?

I have had a chin implant for almost 3 months. Shaving hasn't been difficult, but I always try to be extra careful around my chin in order not to cut myself. But there have... READ MORE

Why do I continue to have discomfort with chin implant after 7 months of surgery?

I got a chin implant 7 months ago: large silicon with wings. Since then I've had persistent discomfort. Symptoms are intermittent tooth sensitivity and pressure and some... READ MORE

Can erosion of the dental roots by a chin implant happen soon?

I've had a chin implant for 7 months now, and I've been having discomfort ever since. Could erosion have occurred already? How can I tell if it is? On certain days, my gums... READ MORE