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I'm As Ready As I'll Ever Be. - Denver, CO

I'm 56 years old, 5'9" and 150 lbs. and the ten lbs I'm overweight is mostly carried in my middle :( my bra size according to the chart is a 34G!!! I was a 34B for many years, the with weight gain I went up a cup size. Then I took medicine for five years that made me very hungry, so I gained 50... READ MORE

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Is there a difference in recovery time when the lollipop incision is used rather than the anchor?

I am a 38DDD, and my surgeon plans to use the lollipop incision. I am 56 and want to be a B, but he thinks that's too small for me, so I'm hoping to get a C. It's been a year... READ MORE

Do you think that a FNG would be indicated when going from a 34G to 34B? (Photo)

I want to go back to the size I was most of my life. I'm 56, 5'9" and only 10 lbs overweight. Do you think a reduction this large could be done without a FNG? Here is a photo: READ MORE

What can be done about the odd shape of my breasts after a reduction? (photo)

I had the reduction a month ago, am healing well with no extra swelling or problems. They look exactly the same as they did after surgery, the only difference is they've... READ MORE

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Is there a free nipple graft forum on here?

I've been looking but can't find one. I looked it up but didn't find very many.  I want to talk with women who've had them, or at least see what their experience is. I... READ MORE

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A nurse took mine out. They were about 6 inches long, so tell him not to be surprised by that. One she pulled out without me knowing because the area was numb. The other she had to tug on twice. READ COMMENT

I lost some afterward, oddly enough. I lost my appetite for awhile so I just quit eating so much. I lost 4lbs. Of boob, and 8 lbs. everywhere else. I feel very lucky, but now that my appetite is back it's a challenge to keep it off,... READ COMMENT

They still look beautiful though!! READ COMMENT

Nserrano, i checked your profile to see if your results were as square as mine but there aren't any pictures, darn it. Im very interested to see if anyone had boobs as square as mine and how they turned out. :) READ COMMENT

I have mentioned it a couple of times already when you've sounded so angry at someone for complaining about something when you thought they shouldn't have and other things too and you were very rude to them, so i don't know why you're... READ COMMENT