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Anxiously Waiting for Smaller Boobs! Let the Journey Begin....

Actually, my journey began about 6 months ago, when after 10 years of debating whether I should get a BR, I finally mustered up the courage to ask my family doctor for a referral to a PS. You see, I have a hubby who strongly believes going under the knife should be ONLY for matters of life or... READ MORE

Abdominal Liposuction, 2nd Time Around - Vancouver, BC

53 Y.O. no pregnancies, 130 lbs, 5'3" tall, having lipo to upper/lower abdomen, flanks and love handles, along with a long-awaited for Breast reduction, coming up July 4th! I am in a pretty good shape and don't look my age, either look wise, or figure-wise, when dressed up. But I've always... READ MORE

Questions from VanGal

Does breast reduction change the colour of nipples?

I am on waiting list for consultation for breast reduction. Getting anxious about the procedure's side effects. Looking at before/after some pictures, I noticed darkish nipples... READ MORE

When is the best time to lose weight, before or after Breast Reduction/abdominal liposuction surgery?

I am about 10 pounds over my ideal weight, getting a BR/abdominal lipo in 3 months, mainly to improve the shape and contours of my torso, not to remove a huge amount of fat.... READ MORE

Need a second opinion on BR technique: Would the "lollypop" work best for me?

My PS recommended the "lollypop". He is a highly regarded surgeon in the area who specializes in breast surgery. However, because of rushing through the consult and his casual,... READ MORE

Can breast cysts/fibroids be removed at the same time as part of the Breast Reduction procedure?

I have fibrocystic breasts, confirmed by a previous mammogram and ultrasound. Some of the cysts are quite painful. Years ago, I was given the option to have them removed... READ MORE

Recent comments from VanGal

Thanks and yes, I've had my surgery. The recovery was smooth and uneventful. I am lighter now but not as much as I wanted. Happy I did, but not quite happy with the results yet. My doc says they'll keep changing for up to 6 months.... READ COMMENT

Well, you look amazing. Such better proportions now. Congrats. I'm your height & weight, done mine 2 months ago and I still have the "pleated" ripply look around my nipple. My PS said it'll fill out over time. It hasn't yet. Is that... READ COMMENT

Doc said he took 370g off the right one and 200g off the left one. My right was about one cup size larger before. He said he would fix that. Now my left is exactly one cup size larger! READ COMMENT

That's great news! I'm very excited for you. I'm 4 weeks post op and recovering well. Happy with my size, although the final size is not yet settled, it looks like it'll be a small C (I was DDD before). There are some asymmetry between... READ COMMENT

Congrats on your surgery. So happy for you, good to hear your recovery is going well. Your boobs were shapely to begin with, I'm sure they'll come out looking fabulous. Don't forget to post some "after" pix :-) READ COMMENT