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Reviews by Monty_Lameer

Oh my God, the SWELLING!!!!! - Gold Coast, AU

I know, I know...the inconsistent and often negative reviews...they didn't put me off. I was SO sick of my stubborn multi-chins and jowls that began sagging and pulling down my already long and narrow face at age 27. I am now 35 and enough is enough! I am simply not able to wear a compression... READ MORE

Love My New Lips!

So, my lips weren't excessively thin to begin with, but I have been unhappy with them for quite some time due to a few factors, such as me picking at the skin on my top lip for several years and the fact my top front teeth are prominent (overbite) and my jaw is slightly crooked so makes my lips... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Removal...OH MY GOD, THE PAIN! Southport, AU

I have had stubborn saddlebag fat ever since I was about 18 years old despite being very slim elsewhere. Nothing worked. Even if I lost enough weight to resemble a skeleton (non-intentional weight loss, by the way), the saddlebags still remained, though only slightly smaller. I had heard this... READ MORE

35 Year Old with No Cheeks and Now I LOVE my Cheeks! - Gold Coast, AU

Ok, so obviously I had cheeks prior to this procedure, but they were quite flat and shapeless, especially on the right side. I had either Juvederme or Perlane injected into both cheeks in December 2013 (0.8ml in the left and 1.2ml in the right) but once the swelling went down in a week or so, I... READ MORE

First Timer for Dysport!!!!! Gold Coast, AU

I was quite hesitant to have this done as I had always assumed Botoxed people looked like wax works. But I'd been getting sick of my forehead wrinkles and droopy brows, so finally bit the bullet and had this done as part of the package I got my cheeks and will get my lips done later this week... READ MORE

Perlane in my Tear Troughs - Australia

This is part of an overall package of perlane I purchased (I've had my lips and cheeks done, and also now tear troughs), and only 0.2ml was used in each tear trough, but I will be going back in two weeks for the final additions. I have had this procedure done before twice, using a needle, and... READ MORE

Questions from Monty_Lameer

Will invisalign help my 8mm overjet, overbite, back right crossbite and gaps? (photo)

I'm a 35 yr old woman with 8mm overjet, overbite, one-sided crossbite and gaps. I have adequate space in my mouth to reduce the overjet and widen my narrow smile. I had for 3.5... READ MORE

Why does my eyebrow / brow bone area look unattractive and lumpy? (photo)

For the last year or so I've noticed the area just around / under my eyebrows seems to be getting more and more unattractive. Like there is a lumpy area just under each side... READ MORE

What can be done about the small white lump scar on my upper lip? (Photo)

I used to pick at my upper lip a lot for anxiety reasons and although I don't do this anymore, unfortunately it has removed enough skin so as to have left this small white... READ MORE

Smartlipo, laser lipo, lunch time lipo...which one for my chin, neck and jowls? (Photo)

I am 35 years old and with good skin tone, and have been horribly annoyed and disappointed at my chin / neck / jowls area for such a long time as it drags my cheeks and my... READ MORE

Would Botox / fillers help my eyelids / brows lift? (photos)

I know ideally I would be best to get an upper and lower bleph procedure, but I am not able to do this at the moment and would like to try a botox and fillers combination to... READ MORE

Recent comments from Monty_Lameer

Thank you! I got fillers. I've never had implants anywhere, and probably wouldn't. READ COMMENT

Have you heard back about your concerns?? I'd be interested to know. Mine is beginning to wear off now, but when I frown, I still look like a hooded, concerned owl. lol READ COMMENT

LOL! I know the feeling! I find that tear trough fillers for me are a very fine line between not injecting enough and putting in too much and looking like puff the magic eye dragon. lol READ COMMENT

Has anyone ever moved from these type of fillers to cheek implants and been happy with the results long term? Cheek fillers are SO expensive... READ COMMENT

No, not hard at all beyond the first two days or so. They felt normal and soft but a bit more firm than usual as they were bigger and filled. READ COMMENT