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49 Year Old Male Who Works out 2 Hours/day - Corona, CA

When I hit 220, I had enough. Went to the gym & went crazy. Dropped 25 lbs and hit a wall. I tried the MUFA/PUFA diet which kept my weight at 195/193. Then I got hurt. Got knee surgery and went back to the gym. Again, I couldn't drop any more weight. So what pushed me over the edge were... READ MORE

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How soon can I do ultrasound cavitation after Vaser Liposuction?

I'm 7 days into VaserLipo recovery. I am getting 2 VaserShapes with package I bought and am scheduled to get my first one Tuesday (Day 12 post VaserLipo). VaserShape is... READ MORE

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DON'T sit if you can help it!!!! Work standing up. If people ask (and they will) just tell them your lower back is hurting & you can't stand sitting.... I couldn't sit for more than 2-3 minutes. The CG was riding up. It was... READ COMMENT

When you get cleared to exercise, do it. Go back to normal routine if you had one. If not, start by walking---a lot of walking. Hopefully they through in VaserShapes in there too. They relieve that tightness. People are also doing... READ COMMENT

DId the Dr. prescribe you Norco (Tylenol + Codiene)? I'm like you. Can't stand narcotics. Norco puts me to sleep. Did he throw in VaserShape (typical Ultra-sound)? Those will help with the tightening & hard spots you will... READ COMMENT

ColoradoMaiden. Did you get any VaserShapes with your VaserLipo? Cause those will loosen up the hard spots (it's scar tissue). Ultra Cavitation will also work (& is cheaper). And if that's too much, get yourself a handheld... READ COMMENT

VaserShape is ultrasound waves that break up the fat underneath the skin. I had my first one yesterday and OMG. It loosened up the tightness from VaserLipo, broke up the scar tissue. It's performed on the top of the skin and it feels... READ COMMENT