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Can't Wait Until the Invisa-end of The-line! - Brandon, FL

I'm a 45 year old mother of 3, overcrowded crooked teeth for as long as I can remember. Couldn't afford braces as a child, consult at age 15, dentist said insurance wouldn't cover them because it was cosmetic so that was the end of that. Decided to start this journey now because of a few things... READ MORE

Getting Consult for Possible Septoplasty - Tampa, FL

I have a consult scheduled for Monday, June 30, 2014 with an ENT doctor to see if I am a candidate for a septoplasty. I think I may have a deviated septum due to an injury to my nose a few years back. I've been researching costs and see that in some cases, insurance will cover most of the cost... READ MORE

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I looked at your crown review and it looks just like the rest of your teeth-- beautiful. I am anxious to hear what the endo doc says tomorrow. The tooth isn't causing me any pain so I find it puzzling that it might be fractured. Maybe... READ COMMENT

I hope it will! I know they have a limit up to which they will pay yearly. I don't know if they cover crowns but I suppose they should if it's necessary(?) I'm wondering if I should wait for the crown until my Invisalign treatment is... READ COMMENT

Thank you, Mil ou. I am trying. I got an appointment with a different endodontist for this Thursday. They referred me to one who they said they were sure was in my insurance network but something told me to double check and sure... READ COMMENT

Your discipline is commendable! I doubt that I could do as well on an outing like that. With that level of commitment you should get beautiful results. My teeth were very crowded as well and it took quite a while to start seeing the... READ COMMENT

Sure I will end up with some black triangles but if my Ortho can get rid of as many as possible I would be happy. The ones in the back teeth would just continue to need extra attention to make sure food doesn't get stuck, which is a... READ COMMENT