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Can't Wait Until the Invisa-end of The-line! - Brandon, FL

I'm a 45 year old mother of 3, overcrowded crooked teeth for as long as I can remember. Couldn't afford braces as a child, consult at age 15, dentist said insurance wouldn't cover them because it was cosmetic so that was the end of that. Decided to start this journey now because of a few things... READ MORE

Getting Consult for Possible Septoplasty - Tampa, FL

I have a consult scheduled for Monday, June 30, 2014 with an ENT doctor to see if I am a candidate for a septoplasty. I think I may have a deviated septum due to an injury to my nose a few years back. I've been researching costs and see that in some cases, insurance will cover most of the cost... READ MORE

Looking for a Little Jiggle - Tampa, FL

I breast- fed three children for a total of about 7 years, on demand. I've always had small breasts, but after all of the breastfeeding, I was left with even smaller breasts, nipples that stay erect, and asymmetry. The right is smaller than the left. I am a very active 45 year old, 5'7" and... READ MORE