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Mahalo Tinydancer33 for this comment. I am looking forward to the day when I go all day long and then at night when I turn on my right side and feel "normal" again. I'll take ten years...:))) READ COMMENT

Feb 11, 2014 and I have NO idea when it will go. There are times when I do not notice it as I have adapted to it yet at other times I allow myself to "feel" and try to stretch my mouth open and closed, turn my head, try to wiggle my... READ COMMENT

I too traveled alone and ended up having to stay for over a month. If you are like most people you will have an easy time of it however do not forget there are risks. I strongly suggest that you spend the extra money on the hospital... READ COMMENT

Glad to hear that as I am looking forward to that day! I am still numb and feel nearly choked at times and it's coming up on a year. Although nearly everyone thinks I look great, including me, I continue to be very uncomfortable... READ COMMENT