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Please tell me the average cost of a tummy tuck in Milwaukee?

I knew there are variables which makes it higher or lower. I am just looking for a range. READ MORE

Can someone please clarify if a tummy tuck would qualify for time off under FMLA or short term disability?

I have had two children and have extra skin that I would like removed. I do not have a hernia or a medical necessity for the surgery. My main concern is that my job would not... READ MORE

How would costs differ if getting a tummy tuck with an insurance approved tubal ligation?

My medical insurance will cover a tubal ligation at 100% and I have been told I can have the tummy tuck at the same time. How much would that cut down on the cost of the tummy... READ MORE

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I just wanted to share a website I came across READ COMMENT

There must be a way to put on notifications because I get one sent to my email which alerts my phone. But I'm not sure how or where it is. So my ob has still not called Theresa back. I'm a little annoyed. READ COMMENT

I'm getting my tubes tied at the same time and my ob's scheduler is out until Monday, so I'm in limbo. Did they tell you what time yours would be on the 23? They told me he has time on 23rd available still. But he said it's good I... READ COMMENT

Check your inbox when you have a chance. I sent you an email. READ COMMENT