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My dream

At 14 years old I told my mom I wanted a nose job. She told me to wait until I'm 23. 23 years old came and is looong gone and I still feel the same and have the same nose. ATAST! At age 35 I saved the money and the surgery is scheduled for my 36th birthday! I am so excited! I am sooo ready! :)... READ MORE

Questions from sunflowerslove

Will my cheeks look bigger with a nose job? (Photo)

I have full facial cheeks. I'm afraid with a different nose shape my cheeks will look bigger. READ MORE

Do I need to replace breast implants sometime in my lifetime?

I haven't had any cosmetic surgery yet. I am trying to determine if it will be worthwhile to spend money on my nose or breast. READ MORE

Is closed Rhinoplasty better then open? Or does it depend on the patient and doctor? (photo)

My doctor suggest I do open rhinoplasty because of the tip work. Does that make sense? READ MORE

Pre-op: Would breast implants make me look heavier?

I'm 5'7 and weigh 165. I wear a size 34b bra. I don't want to look fatter if I had breast implants. READ MORE

Is it important to do nasal massages after Rhinoplasty surgery? What is the right technique?

I'm having my rhinoplasty surgery on May 28. I'm just thinking of a list of questions for surgeon during my pre op appointment. One is nasal massages. READ MORE

I want a slight slope and upturned tip. Will a closed Rhinoplasty achieve my goals?

Will closed rhinoplasty achieve my goals of having s slight slope on brigde and slightly pushed up tip. I don't want a too upturned nose or a straight slope. I want to be able... READ MORE

Will I look heavier with larger breasts (breast implants)? (photos)

I'm between 5'6/ 5'7 in height and weigh between 160 to 165. I have large hips, butt and legs. My arms are long and skinny. I don't want to look top heavy or fat with breast... READ MORE

Is an ENT plastic surgeon a good choice to have cosmetic rhinoplasty done along with fixing my breathing issues?

If I'm going to have surgery for my breathing issues. Should I trust an ENT plastic surgeon to fix my nose hump? READ MORE

What is the best rhinoplasty approach for my nose, open or closed? (Photo)

I spoke to two surgeons. The first one suggested open then he said he can work on my hump and not be able to do any tip work with closed approach but he would do closed.... READ MORE

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Does anyone know any positive or negative stories about Dr. Glen Brooks?

Dr. Glen Brooks office is located in Longmeadow, Ma. I am extremely nervous to have rhinoplasty. I am ready for a positive change in my appearance and self esteem. I hope I... READ MORE

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I noticed changes with my friends nose every time I saw her for the first 2 years after her rhinoplasty. Each time it looked more defined and smaller. Its been 4 years since her rhinoplasty. I do notice when looking up close her... READ COMMENT

I live in Ma. I thought if I found a surgeon nearer to the big city Boston my nose job results would be outstanding. I have found a surgeon which I feel comfortable with but "you never know". I hope someday you save enough money and... READ COMMENT

Congrats on your surgery! I've been following your story for a couple months. I'm glad you were healthy enough to make your dream come true:) get lots of rest READ COMMENT

Good luck! I'm excited for you :) READ COMMENT

That is true. Every patient is different. READ COMMENT