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I recently Had BA (I am 3 week post op). I started out with a natural 32 c, and I ended up with a saggy left breast and normal right breast. The left breast appears much larger. I had 400cc s of cohesive mentors placed under the muscle in the crease. I am a bikini model and I need to have this... READ MORE

Juvederm Nightmare at Image Medical Spa

I went into a med spa for Botox around my eyes (I'm 29). I somehow got sold on buying two syringes of juvederm ultra plus for my smile lines, lips and cheeks. It was buy one get one. i should've known then that it was too good to be true and to run! Three weeks later I was still swollen so I... READ MORE

Questions from depressedgirl

Why Wouldn't Wydase Work to Dissolve Juvederm? (photo)

Four months ago I had a PA inject Juvederm Ultra Plus XC in my smile lines and lips. I'm 29 and didn't have deep lines but was told the juvederm would prevent future wrinkles.... READ MORE

Could Hardness and Lumps from Juvederm Ultra Plus Be Permanent?

5 months ago I was injected with Juvederm ultra plus in the nasolabial and noticed lumps and hardness after initial swelling. After several rounds of hyalurindase it's still... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Loose Sagging Skin After Misplaced Juvederm Plus? (Photos)

I just turned 30, and ten months ago I made the mistake of going to medspa where I was injected with two vials of juvederm plus throughout my face (lips, cheeks and smile).... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatment Such As Elixis Melt Poorly Placed Juvederm Plus and Smooth out Wrinkles Left from Hyalurindase? (photo)

Juvederm plus left hard lumps on the sides of mouth which also caused jowls. Hyalurindase caused rippling above lips. It has been a year since I've had juvederm and with no... READ MORE

Are Pain and Discoloration from Sculptra Normal and Permanent? Mine Has Lasted 11 Months. How Should It Be Treated? (photo)

My sculptra was injected in the mouth. The inside of my mouth burns and on my face i have discoloration. READ MORE

What is the best doctor to see for a filler infection?

I believe I have a biofilm infection from sculptra/juvederm that has been going on for a year. What type of doctor is best to treat this? Infectious disease? Could someone... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about red patches after hylenex?

I was injected with hylenex to remove juvederm. I bled, and now I am sore, swollen with red patches at the injection site. READ MORE

What steps should be taken if one believes they were injected with black market juvederm plus (silicone)? (Photo)

I believe I was given counterfeit product. I have now learned the price I paid for juvederm plus was much lower than it should've been (325/syringe). I have lumps and facial... READ MORE

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Sats, what type of needle do you use? Where did you get it? When is your surgery scheduled? I will be thinking about you. 7 years is a long time to live like this. I'm not even at two yet and it's been unbearable. READ COMMENT

I didn't consider injectables plastic surgery at the time. The place I went to had incredible online reviews when I went which turned out to be fake. I am sharing my story so it doesn't happen to someone else. I don't think anyone... READ COMMENT

Sats you sound like me. I hope we get fixed one day. Please let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow. READ COMMENT

I couldn't agree with boogie more. Also everyone needs to know that there are counterfeit fillers floating around that have identical packaging to the real thing. Make sure your doctor is ordering juvederm directly from allergan and... READ COMMENT