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40 Year Old Mom of 2 - Full TT with Exparel - Atlanta, GA

I had a full TT with umbilical hernia and abdominal muscle repair on February 4th, so it's been exactly 10 weeks. I am 5'3" and weigh 100 pounds. Basically, my small frame wasn't meant for having children as my first child pretty much did all of the damage. I had severe separation of... READ MORE

Non-ablative Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks - Atlanta, GA

I had a full TT with hernia repair on February 4, 2014. I had a few residual stretch marks below my new navel that I wanted to minimize. The plastic surgery practice that I used offered laser treatments right in their office. I figured I was this far into improving my appearance, why not go... READ MORE

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How is your skin 4 months later? Lots of conflicting info on lasers. I had the Palomar 1540 laser to remove a few stretch marks back in the summer. I *think* they look less crepe-like in appearance and smaller. I do however wonder... READ COMMENT

I had hernia repair - which involved a general surgeon also....so I just went with that as my "surgery". To this day people really don't know exactly what surgery I had or that a plastic surgeon was part of the team READ COMMENT

Great hearing from you! You look fabulous. I think my scar lightened the most between months 6 and 10. I used Emu oil until about month 7, then switched to Bio oil. I feel like my skin exfoliates every few weeks making the scar fade. READ COMMENT

The cost of the meds (Percocet, antibiotic & muscle relaxers) weren't significant at all. Definitely under $100. I never took any of the Percocet because I just didn't need it. I had an Experal injection during surgery that lasted... READ COMMENT

I was also a size 00 prior to surgery. I remember at 7-8 weeks having to use a rubber band (the ol' pregnancy trick with jeans) to "button" my jeans. I don't think they actually buttoned until 3-4 months. Don't stress - just wear... READ COMMENT