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How long will the side effects of Botox take to go away?

I've had a very small dose of botox done 5 days ago and about 7hrs later had a servere pressure feeling in my head and it hasn't gone.  I'm having headaches, eye pain, leg... READ MORE

I have swollen eyelids, weakness in arms and legs and tight sensation in neck 2 weeks after Botox. What should I do?

I had botox done 2 weeks ago and been told if you have weakness in arms, legs and droopy eyelid (more like swollen eyelids) I've been told these are symptoms of the toxin... READ MORE

Is there a chance the Botox has spread from my forehead to my eyes?

I had botox to my forehead over 3 weeks ago and my left eyelid is still swollen. It's normal size in the morning and flares up in the afternoon. If so is this serious and why... READ MORE

I had Boxtox injected 6 days ago and now I have a rash on my legs and arms. Could it be related to the Botox?

Hi I had botox 6 weeks ago now and noticed 2 days ago I have a rash.  I have a few red blotchy bits on my legs and arms.  I also have a sunburn like rash on my legs.... READ MORE

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I am so mad!  I had botox in my forhead and because of the symptoms I had for 2 weeks and the swollen eyelid I still have I asked for a refund.  I'm not paying £200... READ MORE