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Also agree this is more for temple area , etc and it takes a few for full results. Agree just because they are best at some things not so for everything!! READ COMMENT

They are now using 5FU injection to get rid of lumps and relieve scars especially around the eyes. Not all Dr are up on this. Google it lots of information and take to your Dr with unlined that is important to you!!! Less expensive to... READ COMMENT

Don't do any permanent implants!!!! You will hate! Don't make upper larger than lower sure sign you had fillers. Be careful. Each needle injection leaves scars internally over time may be an issue! READ COMMENT

When older procedure outcome more iffy. Very difficult to get perfect results. Implants not as good as fillers when older. Skin thinner etc. But keep looking for right Dr you'll get it finally. Just cost more❗️ READ COMMENT

Which Jubederm was used the is reg, ultra, ultra plus, and one other? READ COMMENT