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Surgery March 30 2014 - 32B to 32DDD

I'm 63 inches, 115 lbs, 12% body fat. I'm nervous because of how little body fat I have and since I'm a fitness model I need these boobs to look natural. (most women are at 20 - 35% body fat) My PS just did a fitness trainer 8 weeks ago and she looks great, but she's only at 25% body fat. My... READ MORE

Smart Lipo to Inner Thigh...hoping to Go Down in Size - Austin, TX

I hope to reduce the circumference of my upper thigh by 2 inches. I'm tired of ballooning up just at the top of my thighs when I stop exercising. When I break from heavy weight lifting and every third day of fat burning aerobics I just balloon up. This is my prob. area & I want to eliminate... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Face - Austin, TX 1-12-15

I have always had a pretty face with very large cheeks. I love my smile, my eyes. As I age I notice that I am getting hollows under my eyes. With makeup, these hollows become more pronounced. Lately, I've had some people comment that I look tired. I researched fat transfer to face here on... READ MORE

Questions from tweaky787

How long after breast augmentation can I do certain yoga postures? How do I lie on my chest for massage?

After BA, how do I sleep? When or how do I lay on my chest, ie. for massage therapy or yoga? When prostrate do I have to protect them a certain way, and how long? Can I do up... READ MORE

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"breast muscle" is obviously the poster's way of saying Pectoral muscles. Laying the implant under a small incision or over the pectoral muscles is really an important choice, and cutting through muscle will always be a bit more of a... READ COMMENT

Hi, read as much as you can about the results everyone on RS has! Personally I would avoid the tummy lipo If I were you because it appears that most tummy lipo results in uneven and wavy torsos. It looks to me like you just have poor... READ COMMENT

I had inner, outer thighs lipo performed Jan 12. So awesome! Glad I did it and thanks to RS. As far as I know, my inner thigh review and recovery here on RS is the first one for smart lipo. I tell it to you straight, I'm not a blogger. READ COMMENT

There is no such thing as buttocks collapsing. lol, either you have glute muscles or you don't. Of course any fat removed from an area that has absolutely no muscle under it will look horrible after lipo. Your explaination is... READ COMMENT

Then who is your doctor and why are you complaining if you are not going to share the doctor? Your story is unbelievable READ COMMENT