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So Far, So Good - Charlotte, NC

I noticed a tiny blurb on my year-end benefits sheet in 2013 that my company's adult orthodontia coverage was going to disappear! Still fairly new to this company, I immediately reached out to benefits to find out if there was any way I could get my coverage on the books by year-end 2013, and... READ MORE

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Yes it can. So could an old fashioned camera flash lightbulb if you set it off in contact with your skin! Remember popping those out? They would burn your fingers. These machines can be set within certain ranges, all of which depend... READ COMMENT

No - I was responding to "natnliv". I am on "maintenance" now, and have not done anything so dramatic as to require a hospital. I have seen in demos those "deep resurfacing" or whatever they are called and I know I'd never do that as... READ COMMENT

Okay - well the "I'm one month out" comment threw me. Sounds like you had cumulative "wounding" though - and not enough time or proper post-treatment to calm everything down. Look up the Skinceuticals post-treatment kit online (Amazon... READ COMMENT

But first - let me understand - you had *5* IPLs in a ONE MONTH period? That's already 4 too many. And you were told that laser is actually "controlled wounding"? And that it could take months to see the real result - and that in the... READ COMMENT

Hi. I've been using Clear & Correct for 10 months now. If your case is "suitable" for them, and I hope your ortho was honest about that, it WILL work - but it might take 18 months - it all depends on the case. I find that when... READ COMMENT